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Judgment Happens

Many of my clients have a fear of being judged.

Guess what?

People judge.

You judge.

I judge.

We all judge.

Judgment happens.

It’s a fact. Protecting oneself from judgment is an impossible task.

Why use energy on it?

It happens.

Others’ judgment of anyone or anything (or you) is about THEM.

Your judgment about anyone or anything (or you) is about YOU.

And frankly, that’s enough to keep your hands full without worrying about what others think.

Occupy yourself with what you think about you.

Your judgment about yourself is what matters.

Forget the rest.

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  1. CJ, thanks for that very timely reminder. As I experienced just a few days ago (with your help), my judgement of what other people’s reaction would be to something about me was holding me back. Since I’ve let that go, it’s been so freeing!

  2. CJ – I *love* it! Rock on Sister!


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