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Dissolve the ache of painful thinking created by your Auto-­Complain System with no
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Ready to cultivate your vibration?



Vitamin C: Vitamins for your Vibe is comprised of 30-daily emails each featuring a word starting with the letter “C” from CANDID to CATCH-­22 to CANARY.


(Yes, CANARY.)


Have I aroused your CURIOSITY?


Wondering if CURIOSITY is one of the capsules?




Sign up and you’ll see.


Be reminded for 30 days straight where to keep your focus and how to do it. Nothing overwhelming, just a pure stream of Vitamin C goodness. And you don’t have to peel an orange to get it!


Just pop open the emails, give a quick read, and feel the cool, calming affect of Vitamin C starting to coax you up the Vibrational Scale. Each email dose is designed help you shape, train and groom your vibration and the way you’re feeling every day.


Just a little bit at a time.


So do-­able!


Sign up for Vitamin C and make sure your September sings. Give your energy system a tune up and learn to purposefully check your vibe, feel better now and understand why that’s important in the first place.


The Universal Law of Attraction is responding to your energetic vibration – which is unseen, invisible and yet always in effect. You cannot NOT vibrate. And the Law of Attraction cannot NOT bring you the exact match to your vibration.


One of the best things you can do for your personal and business life islearn to cultivate your vibration. In fact, it may be the most important thing you learn to do because you bring your vibration with you to every meeting, every relationship, every interaction you have, and every aspect of your life.


You carry it with you everywhere you go.


If you have spent a lifetime at the mercy of what other people say and do or you have been at the affect of the circumstances of your life, it can seem trickier than you might expect. It’s like learning to roller skate, you might fall down a few times before you find your balance.


When you react to life’s challenges from a higher vibration, your whole experience of the situation changes.


Learning to cultivate your vibration intentionally and on-­demand can also feel counter-­intuitive. If you have always reacted a certain way when your mom makes one of those comments or your boss makes some constructive criticism, choosing to react differently might seem impossible. However, when you elevate your vibration on purpose, your mom or boss (or friend or client for that matter) doesn’t have to do anything differently because YOU are different.


Once you get the hang of it, you will have a remarkable tool for creating the life of your dreams for the rest of your life.


SIGN UP NOW and your 30-­day supply of Vitamin C will start landing in your inbox beginning September 1st. September’s going to be sweet. Empower yourself. My treat!

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