5 Olympic Weight Loss Tips

Olympics!   You give me fever.   I’m so inspired by these Olympic athletes who set a goal, invest their hearts and souls, and overcome adversity to compete at the hallowed Olympic Games. Here are my favorite Olympic quotes from this week’s competition along...

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Building and Breaking My McDonald’s Habit

It’s 3pm on an unseasonably hot Tuesday afternoon, and I’m walking into McDonald’s. I’m running errands with my love who hasn’t eaten lunch yet. Thus, the impromptu stop at the Golden Arches. He wanted me to wait in the car while he ordered (so that I wouldn’t be...

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What I Did for 40 Days

I have endeavored to do many things to improve myself (aka: fix myself). I have tried to develop new habits, cut back, get healthy, exercise more, do less of this or more of that. As you can imagine, over the years many New Year’s Resolutions have gone by the wayside:...

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