Vitamin C


Why should you care about the Law of Attraction?

The massive coolness of the Universal Law of Attraction is that it is always bringing you
more of the essence of what you’re broadcasting now (what you’re thinking and feeling now).

Like vibration attracts like vibration.

This means if you’re generally feeling juicey good vibes and are feeling optimistic about
yourself and your future, you’re attracting a yummalicious future.


It also means that if your vibe is faltering because you’re irritated, unhappy, frustrated, worried,
angry or something’s got your goat or you’re letting it bring you down, then the constant force of
Law of Attraction has no choice but to match that vibration and send more of it your way.

That’s why it’s so important to cultivate your vibration, to deliberately coax yourself into feeling better.

Right now.


Some way.

When you do that, you’ll instantly feel the sweet breath of relief – even if it’s just a little bit -
and the Universe will change courses and send you more that “feels a little better”.

Keep doing this day after day and all that microscopic relief will add up to a noticeable
difference in how you feel. You’ll be boosting your vibe, yo!

In my 30-day e-Course, you’ll learn how to genuinely coax and conjure and cajole your
vibrational state into a higher and higher frequency

There tend to be misconceptions and tripping points along the learning curve of Law of
Attraction. Taking the time to understand LOA and learn why it’s important and how to align
with its power are ultimately incredibly useful in creating the life you want to be living.
A happy one!

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Vitamin C: Vitamins for your Vibe is comprised of 30-daily emails each featuring a word starting with the letter “C” from CANDID to CATCH-­22 to CANARY.
(Yes, CANARY.)
Have I aroused your CURIOSITY?
Wondering if CURIOSITY is one of the capsules?


Sign up and you’ll see.
Be reminded for 30 days straight where to keep your focus and how to do it. Nothing overwhelming,
just a pure stream of Vitamin C goodness. And you don’t have to peel an orange to get it! Just pop open the emails, give a quick read, and feel the cool, calming affect of Vitamin C starting to coax you up the Vibrational Scale. Each email dose is designed help you shape, train and groom your vibration and the way you’re feeling every day.
Just a little bit at a time. So do-­able!
You’ll also receive a one-hour teleclass mp3 on the Proper Care & Cultivation of your Vibration where you’ll learn the #1 indicator of whether your dreams are on their way to you.
WOW. WOW. WOW. I’m so impressed with your work on your Vitamin C series. I’m serious, CJ. These are fantastic. It is a hugely valuable piece of work you’re putting in to the world. Send me a link when/if you relaunch. I’ll help you tell the world! ~L.H.
This final Vitamin C is great. One of the things I wanted to tell you today is that I loved the Vitamin C way back when about feeling as though you deserve to eat whatever it is you want. That sense of deserving the break (actually, the fog), is a gigantic issue for me. I will take time to look at it ~ L.G.
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