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With wolves, the offspring’s very existence depends on the mother’s ability and willingness to provide mother’s milk. If the mother is not able to produce milk (isn’t capable) or, for some reason, rejects the offspring and won’t provide milk, the offspring will perish. However, in most cases, the offspring will have access to mother’s milk. Sustenance. The nourishment that is necessary to grow and develop.

For a period of time.

And then, the offspring will be weaned.

It is the natural course of events, for offspring in the greater animal kingdom to be weaned. The time comes. The mother will no longer provide milk. (I mean a wolf’s gotta do what a wolf’s gotta do.)

The offspring must learn to survive on their own.


Find their own nourishment.

Be responsible for their own food.

Or go without.

The growing wolf does not feel animosity, hold a grudge, or act as if it is not fair.

It is the natural order for the young to grow and mature into hunters and providers in their own right.

As it should be.

They do not expect their mothers (or parents) to continually provide for them. They do not dwell on what they “deserve” or have a “right” to.

It is clear and instinctual that they must become self-sufficient.

This is a completely natural process. I cannot imagine an adult whale or tiger or coyote thinking, “Hey, my mother should still be providing food for me, protecting me. She didn’t properly prepare me to hunt. I’m not ready. I’m damaged.”

These offspring get what they get, and then they are weaned.

They move on.

Ready or not.

They GET ready or they perish.

I think that when you are a grown adult who thinks that your parents did not provide for you properly (did not build your self-esteem or give you what you needed to mature into a healthy adult or didn’t do whatever it is you think you should have been done), you perish in a manner of speaking.

Your parents, rightfully so, are no longer responsible for your self-esteem, nourishment and sustenance.

The full aliveness of your life shrivels because you have not fully embraced the responsibility of becoming the provider of your own adult needs, your own nourishment, your own self-esteem.

Wean yourself from this idea that ANYone else should provide for you.

Provide for your own peace.

Meet your own needs.

Hunt for your own happiness.