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The “Welcome Video” below for my current 42-Day Jump Start to Permanent Weight Loss is a great example of imperfect action, which is how you will accomplish dissolving your weight struggle.

There is no undertaking that has been worth doing that was done perfectly start to finish. Realistically, the journey of a thousand steps will have a few mis-steps, detours, wrong turns, rest areas, forks in the road (no, not the kind you eat with…but then again, maybe so), and moments where we wonder if we will ever get to where we are headed. But if we keep going, even after having stumbled and fallen, we can. reach. our destination.

So back to imperfect action.

The gardeners who take care of the landscaping at my home never come at 6pm and hardly ever on Saturdays. Today they did both – which turned out to be 5 minutes before I was set to begin shooting. I decided to forge ahead anyway! You’ll hear the mechanical whir of their equipment in the background.

You’ll also see that my necklace is askew. In addition, the camera moves and catches a glimmer of a frame and a light switch on the wall and is a bit distracting, but I decided to send this first imperfect take because it gets the job done, delivers the message, and shows that imperfect action is perfect.



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