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Without “Life is unfair,” there is action.


Without “They ruined my life,” there is building the life you want.


Without “They should have                        ,” there is only, “I will­                        .”


Without “It’s too hard,” there is “It’s so worth it.”


Without “I deserve                        ,” there is, “I am creating                      .”


Without entitlement, there is, “No one owes me anything. I choose my thoughts. They inspire my actions and, therefore, my results. If I don’t like my results, I can change my perspective.”


Without “I want someone to take care of me,” there is self-reliance. There is “I can do this” and “I will take care of me.”


Without “weighting” or waiting for someone to save you, you can finally show up be the one you’ve been waiting for.


Now get out there and rock it out, baby!


Un-Victim Yourself