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On a recent Sunday night, I felt myself bracing, clenching, getting ready to suck it up and endure five days at work so that I could get to the next weekend.

I felt dread.

And I realized that I was working this equation:

Five Days of Dread + Two Days of (Attempted) Joy = One Week of Unhappiness


Can you relate?

I realized there were a few glitches with  my math.

1. You cannot go from dread to joy in two seconds flat. It’s just not possible.
You cannot direct and train your thoughts, energy and actions in the direction of dread for five days, and then expect to leave work on Friday night and feel instantaneously joyous, nor go to bed and wake up Saturday morning light as a feather, ready to do the Happy Dance.

You cannot expect to predominantly experience emotions that are way down on the Abundance Scale (from depression at one end of the spectrum all the way to joy at the other end) and then expect to leap effortless up to the top of the scale as soon as you clock out on Friday night or wake up Saturday morning.

2. Even if you could go from dread to joy in one fell swoop, the ratio of 5:2 is really shortchanging yourself.
Five days of unhappy for every two days of happy is really selling yourself short. Is this how you want to live? For some, it seems this is the way we HAVE to live.


We always have a choice.

We get to choose our perspective. And that changes everything.

Instead of 5 Days Dread for Two Days Joy…

What if you could have Seven Days Awesome?

You can.

And it starts with your decision for it to be so.

When you don’t even think it’s possible…

When you don’t even make it your goal…

When you set your sights so low that all you can hope for is to endure five bleak days in order to get to two wonderful ones…

Seven Days Awesome will never happen.

Instead you’ll get Five Days Dread and then two days of trying to be joyous, happy and free but actually only feeling mildly better than dread because you can only incrementally improve your feelings in the short time span of 48 hours…especially when you’re anticipating five more days of dread.

You feel me!

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How about this equation:

Continually managing your mind Monday through Sunday = Seven Days Awesome 

Your feeling good is THE most important thing. It is your point of attraction. It is the point from which you will attract more feeling good, more manifestations, circumstances and conditions that add to you feeling good.

Conversely, if you are in a state of dread, you will attract more conditions, interactions and circumstances that will prompt you to feel more dread.

When you decide to feel good and become willing to constantly train your mind and focus your thoughts toward ones that cause you to genuinely feel good (or at least better than you are feeling in any given moment), then you will lead yourself in the direction of Seven Days Awesome.

And when you decide to feel good…

1. Hey, you GET. TO. FEEL. GOOD.
2. Feeling good is its own reward…RIGHT. NOW.
3. Feeling good pays dividends. It attracts more feeling good in your future.

The way to start conditioning yourself toward feeling good and creating Seven Days Awesome is to begin thinking a thought that produces a better feeling than dread and that is true for you. In other words, you actually believe it. It’s not a bullshit mantra that your mind kicks to the curb.

From the list below, find and focus on the thought that feels ever so slightly better. Create your own if you don’t find one that suits you. Look for the sweet spot of relief without any hit of resistance from your mind.

For example:

Rather than “Oh crap, I don’t know how I’ll get through this” when you think about your upcoming week. How about:

At least I have a job. Some people don’t even have jobs.

I like having a job.

I am glad to be employed.

This job allows me to pay my bills.

I like paying my bills.

This job makes it possible for me to live here (in your apartment, condo or house).

This company contributes to people’s lives in this way: ____________. I contribute to this company and its customers. Therefore, I contribute to people’s lives.

I like working with this client or customer.

I like doing a good job.

I will focus on what I like about the people I work with and come in contact with because it feels better to me to do so.

I will consciously bring the best of myself to my workday.


And ask yourself this:

Wouldn’t it be nice if this week could be Seven Days Awesome?

Raise the bar for yourself. For your own sake. Work to feel good SEVEN – count ‘em SEVEN – days a week.

Manage your point of attraction because the Universal Law of Attraction will bring you more of the chronic, dominant emotions you feel. And if you’re creating Five Days Dread, guess what your chronic feeling state is?

Seven Days Awesome is always available to you (always has been).

If you want it, create it.