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Enjoy the process of creation, of achieving your goals. This is the lion’s share of the experience.


When the manifestation shows up, the thrill of achievement will last what seems like a whopping split second in the scheme of things.


Often, you think it’s going to be the cure all. But life keeps going.


It’s you.


Your mind.


Your vibration.


And your ongoing management of all of the above.


You get that promotion, have a big celebration, then it’s Monday morning and time to get back to work (often with higher stakes as it turns out).


You reach your goal weight, buy a new wardrobe, and the work of being able to  continue fitting into that wardrobe has begun. Oh shit!


On and on it goes.


You can slog away (sometimes for years), achieve your goal, be excited for a moment, then disappointed at your craptastic ratio of slogging to celebrating.


Or you can enjoy the delicious full-bodied experience of setting your aim, deliberately and consistently applying yourself to your goal, doing all the personal work of managing your mind, thinking on purpose, and eventually knowing it is on its way to you.


You can enjoy anticipating and expecting its arrival, like a good meal after it’s ordered at a restaurant, and then enjoy its actual manifestation.


You avoid disappointment because you are so in tune with the process of deliberately creating your desires, and you simply continue on with all the delicious creations you have in progress, knowing that more and more desires are hatched continuously all the time.


Try the second version.


It’s way more satisfying.


Not to mention more fun.