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We want more.


When we earned $5 a week from allowance, we wanted to earn $10.

When we began working and earned $50, we wanted to earn $100.

When we earned $250, we wanted to earn $500.

And so on.

It’s quite natural.

We can’t help but want more.

We want more ease, freedom, flow, peace, pleasure, depth, connection, joy.

We are designed this way.

Our DNA craves expansion.

It’s why we have iPhones, jets, HD TV, hybrid cars, smart phones, high-speed internet, online bill paying, microwave ovens, and indoor plumbing (thank goodness for our desires! I love you indoor plumbing).

It’s why we went to the moon, broke the sound barrier, gave women the right to vote, fought a Civil War, took down the Berlin Wall, have artificial insemination, and the option of gender reassignment.

We can’t rest on our laurels.

Our desires won’t have it.

Nor should they.

When we’re depressed, we want to want to get out of bed.

When we’re frustrated, we want to feel a more positive emotion than frustration.

When we feel happy, we wonder about being joyful.


Always wanting more.

It’s comforting to know this.

It explains why life is still challenging after all these years.


CJ Coaches | Life Doesn't Get Easier[pinit]


At first we want to crawl – which is a mighty challenge.

Until it’s not.

Then, we want to walk – another epic challenge.

Until it’s not.

And we’ve already got our eye on running. (Who would stop at walking anyway?)

And then basketball and swimming or tennis and pilates.

There’s always something more that we are interested in.

We came here to explore the options on Planet Earth. To reach to become something more.

This is not a rejection of who we now are.

This is how we are built.

We came to expand.

And once we expand…once that expansion becomes integrated and commonplace (and even before that point), we have our eye on the next expansion we will be aiming for.

Something new is always striking the fancy of our creative self.

And create we must.

We know this.

We crave it.

Creation requires expansion.

Expansion requires new skills, habits, mindsets, stretching, and growing beyond our former capacities.

And we love this. (Can I get an “Amen, Sister”?)

Knowing that stretching, growing and expanding will be our constant companion, we can stop looking for life to get easier.

Because it doesn’t.

We are always seeking a new challenge.

The process can get more peaceful as we accept our innate desire to expand and experience more while at the same time releasing the expectation of life leveling off, smoothing out or slowing down.

When we give up looking for Easy Street, we are free to travel the Ever-Expanding Expressway that takes us to our destination.

And then the next.

And the next.


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