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In his book Fear, Thick Naht Hahn writes:

Much of our suffering comes from wrong perceptions. To remove that hurt, we have to remove our wrong perceptions – “I see her as doing this or that”. The first thing we can do in these situations is to acknowledge internally what we think happened, may not be accurate.


Below listen in as I teach about several of our wrong perceptions of our mothers as role models.

In addition, I share the inside scoop from a recent visit with my mom and dive into the many internal moments where I make a choice for peace or pain. It’s a trip into my mind where I pull back the curtain and let you hear my internal dialogue with myself.

If you find it difficult to talk with your mom, feel that she’s judging you or you find yourself judging her, listen in for a a different perspective that could help you with your Daughter’s Path.




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