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I’m in Master Coach Training.

Week two of seven.


Mind blowing.

Life altering a-ha moments abound.

The learning is off the hook.


And side-by-side.

I find moments where it isn’t magical.

I find moments where I want to run for the hills, where it isn’t fun, where I want to think it’s too hard or unfair, where I see myself starting to cry poor me and complain about how mean they are.

This is the part where I usually think it isn’t fun anymore, and I want to take my ball and go home, where I build a case for how someone else is wrong and where I want to watch a TV marathon or have a Burger King fish sandwich…or both. TV and Burger King.

This is the part where I think they’re all talking behind my back, and where I worry about being rejected…or enough…or if I’m being too much…or a show off.

It’s the part where I wonder like hell what they’re thinking.


(insert. deep. breath. here.)


And here comes the new part.


The is the part where I say, hey, I have no idea what they’re thinking, and I realize it’s none of my business anyway.

This is the part where I tell myself it’s not what they’re thinking that matters.


What matters is what I think.


So, what do you choose, CJ?

What are you willing to choose and prove and believe?


(Deeeeeep breeeeeeaaath.)


This is the part where you have your own back, where you’re willing to stand alone with yourself.

It’s the part where you show yourself what you’re made of, where you stare down those voices in your head. This is the part where you show yourself you’re the woman you always hoped you’d become.

This is the part where you are actually become-ing.

This is the part where it feels like







And this is the part where you keep going.


This is the part where you think you’ve fallen.


This is the part where





Over and over and over. Again.


This is the part you came for.



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