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I just made this video where I document My Giblet Adventure.

Yes, you read that correctly.


My Giblet Adventure.


The video below is 2.5 minutes of silliness about my serious journey as a weight loss coach and purveyor of permanent, peaceful weight loss.

Starting December of last year, I began to question everything including:

What the heck is a damn giblet and where might someone go to to find one?

These are silly serious questions for a vegetarian (25 years, people!) turned carnivore who had no idea where to begin.


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Food Intolerance and Weight Loss


Keep an eye out for future dispatches that answer the very real question:

Why did the vegetarian cross the road?


What does said vegetarian carnivore cook for herself if she’s not busting open a crinkly package or cardboard box from the freezer, popping it into a microwave, and calling it dinner?

For the answers stay tuned by getting on the list or let a friend know they can learn how to go from crinkly packages to simple, home-cooked meals that support healthy weight loss, how to go from a vegetarian to a paleo-esque lifestyle, and how to discover their food intolerances and why they should care about them.

And if you do something genius with giblets, do tell. Let me know in the comments below.


To work with weight loss coach CJ Blaquera on achieving permanent, peaceful, healthy weight loss and/or discover your food intolerances, contact cj@cjcoaches.com.