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“Why can’t I ever get it right?”


“Why do I always overeat?”


“How come my boss sucks?”


“Why do I hate exercise?”


These are not compelling questions.


These, my friends, are craptastic questions.


Ask a craptastic question, get a craptastic answer.


The quality of your answers is contingent on the quality of your questions.


Accessing your inherent genius, a wealth of knowledge, and forces that could conspire to assist you can all be triggered by a compelling question. And don’t just stop at one. Ask many.


How about these compelling questions instead?


I want to eat. Is this feeling the actual physical sensation of hunger or an emotional feeling?


What actions could I take that would be aligned with my values?


Which foods would support sustained energy and healthy weight loss in my specific body?


What kind of exercise would I enjoy?


By asking a compelling question, you tap your creativity, allowing it to help you find solutions and raise the vibration of your answers.


Now that’s compelling.



After several stomach aches spaced out over a year, I began to ask a few compelling questions:


Is something I’m eating causing my body digestive upset?


If so, how can I figure that out?


If I figure out that a specific food is causing digestive distress and I want optimal health, am I willing to stop eating that food?


I’ll be sharing my journey and the answers I discovered. This video documents the first part of the journey which begins with delicious French Toast and a sneaking suspicion about a series of stomach aches.


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