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I don’t smoke.

So if I had a free, unlimited supply of cigarettes every day, I wouldn’t start smoking and wouldn’t be tempted in the least. I have no interest in smoking. AT ALL. EVER.

There are foods that I know harm my body when I eat them – like causing an inflammatory response, giving me a stomach ache, cumulatively wreaking havoc with my health over time, causing me to gain or retain weight, or all of the above.

I want to become a person who has no interest AT ALL. EVER. in eating foods that I know impair my health.

Just like with cigarettes. Or a thousand page tome on the art and science of watching dust collect.

No interest. AT ALL. EVER.

And I thought I was getting pretty close.

I know that gluten harms my body, and I had stopped eating gluten for several months until…

I went on vacation AND had access to free, unlimited, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. EVERY. DAY. (…starting at 3pm, but who’s watching the clock?)

This was the signature gesture of hospitality at the hotel I stayed in recently.


This was my internal dialogue:

Chocolate chip cookies are my all-time FAVORITE!!!!

They contain gluten.

But I’m on vacation!

Gluten gives you stomach aches AND causes you to gain or retain weight.

But It would be amazing to have chocolate chip cookies WHENEVER I WANT – especially while I’m on vacation.


Chocolate chip cookies mean impairing your health. Do you want to do that EVER?

No, but…I’m on VACATION and they taste sooooooo good.

Yes, and they’re sooooooo harmful to your health.

But I can’t pass up free, unlimited, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. EVERY. DAY!!!!

This is a rare, monumental event in my life that will never come again. EVER. EVER. EVER.

Maybe. Maybe not.

And even so…

So what?

The fact remains that gluten hurts your body.

But I’m on VACATION!!! I want to celebrate. Be free. Live a little.

 If you want to degrade your health, gain or retain weight, and risk a painful stomach ache all in the name of being on “vacation”, you are totally free to do that.



If you’re going to eat them, just remember to be present, watch the whole experience with compassionate curiosity, and tell yourself the truth about it. 

So that’s what I did.

I partook.

I watched myself do it.

I watched myself increase the quantities I ate every day. (I find chocolate chip cookies [sugar, refined carbs, dairy, eggs all in combo] to be a slippery slope.)

I watched my energy start to dip on Day 2.

Day 3 – I watched myself have a very bad stomach ache laid up in bed.

During and after the painful stomach ache, I appreciated the loud and clear message from my body that free, unlimited, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. EVERY. DAY. is not a celebration. Nor does it feel like freedom.


As for this rare, monumental event in my life?

I don’t care to experience it again AT ALL. EVER.



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