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If you have a container, you’re worthy.

That means…

If you have a body, you’re enough.

There’s nothing you need to achieve. Nothing more you need to do or be. No perfect formula you could EVER discover that would make you any better than you already are.


If someone seems to have more,

it doesn’t mean you are less. 


If you’re on Planet Earth, rest assured:

You belong. You qualify. You’re a member of The Club. This Club called Humanity.

Welcome to The Human Experience where everyone is enough.

And equal.


We’re all souls made of Spirit. No soul is better or worse than another. None is superior or inferior. In fact, we are not only equal but actually made of the Same Stuff.

If I poured water into four different and unique containers. The vessels would be entirely distinct, yet the water would be the same.

And so it is.

Different bodies. Same Spirit.

Different weights. Same Spirit.

Different achievements. Same Spirit.

Different incomes. Same Spirit.

Different number of Facebook Likes. Same Spirit.

It’s not even possible for water to be less than water. The vessel holding the water may have distinct characteristics, but they are just that. Characteristics. They do not have any effect on the water’s inherent or intrinsic value.

Water equals water.

Spirit equals Spirit.


So now that your value is off the table…


Go out and have some fun.



I am CJ Blaquera, Life Coach specializing in Weight Loss for Women.