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I just had the opportunity to zipline for the very first time in a small northern California town near Napa.

A friend and colleague, who thought she would be completely fine because she had no fear of heights, was experiencing terror as she began the zipline course (six ziplines and two foot bridges). The guides needed to make sure that she wasn’t in a panic.

They explained that there is the Zone of Comfort and described it as a circle where you’re not learning anything new. You’re stagnant. Disinterested. Not fully engaged.

Then there is a larger outer circle: the Zone of Growth.

In the Zone of Growth you’re calm and relaxed. You’re open, receptive, and readily able to learn and take in new information. You’re enthusiastic, interested, and enjoying the process of learning while also being challenged.

In a circle further beyond the Zone of Growth, there is the Zone of Panic. In that zone, you’ve shut down. You aren’t able to take in new information. When you’re freaked out, it’s not conducive to learning and growing.

The guides shared that if someone is in the Zone of Panic the first order of business is to assist them in returning to the Zone of Growth. My friend, while cycling in and out of terror and quiet tears, remained in the Zone of Growth and finished the course.

I found myself firmly rooted in the Zone of Growth, even while I stayed keenly aware of the guide’s signal to brake. I didn’t want to find myself smashing into the Zone of the Tree Trunk {wink}.

This is a quick video of me on the longest, most fun zipline of the course. The scream is one of exhilaration, adrenaline and growth!


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It was an exciting and growth-filled experience which is just want I want to share with the participants in the next WundaBody Challenge which begins this Saturday, March 22. Join me in the Zone of Growth where you can be open, enthusiastic, and enjoy the process of learning while also being challenged. WundaBody Challenged, that is!


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Below in the comments, please share what crazy, fun, zany, empowering or exhilarating thing you’ve done in the Zone of Growth!



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