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If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now…

If you can’t stand the size of your thighs…

If the latest diet that everyone is raving about just isn’t working for you

You may find it difficult to believe that whatever circumstance you find yourself in, you can direct your mind, direct your thoughts, and achieve your weight loss goals.

Consider this:

I find Jesus to be an incredible example of the power of deliberate focus and attention.

I imagine we can agree that being crucified is one helluva circumstance.

And yet, in utter physical agony, nailed to a cross and hanging above an angry and mocking crowd, Jesus directs his mind and chooses his point of view (masterfully, I might add).

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”. Luke 23:34

What the WHAT?!!

I don’t know about y’all.

But that isn’t exactly what comes to my mind when I think about being nailed to a cross.

Compassionate. Forgiving. Understanding.

Jesus chooses his point of view.

(Just imagine his reaction to being up 1.2 pounds at a Weight Watchers meeting.)

Weight Loss Coach for Women | CJ Blaquera | Jesus & Weight Watchers Meeting

I believe the perspective he chose felt way better, emotionally speaking, than the alternative.

Hating, raging and activating ill will toward someone else feels bad to the hater, to the rager, to the one who is activating the ill will, to the ones who do not know what they do.

In that moment, Jesus was choosing to be one who loves, who is compassionate, who forgives. And there is no way in holy hell that that happened by accident.

In fact, he did so in the face of extreme adversity.

If ever there was a moment to feel victimized, I think being nailed to a cross qualifies.

If ever there was a moment that we might agree that Jesus had no choice but to feel awful, judged, ridiculed, maligned, persecuted or (emotionally) crucified, that was it. Fo’. Sho’.

And yet…

He made a choice. A deliberate, purposeful choice.

I believe Jesus was a masterful creator of his own emotional reality, and this was exhibited in his choice to create compassion, forgiveness and understanding for his own benefit while being (physically) crucified.

I cannot envision the haters, hurling insults from the ground, feeling anywhere nearly as emotionally elevated as Jesus did. In other words, the frequency of hate is nowhere near the frequency of compassion.

Choosing how you want to feel?

It’s an option.

Choosing your point of view?

Completely available.


Even if you feel like the biggest loser because you just gained back all the weight (or more) that it took you six months (or more) to lose.

Even if you feel your body has betrayed you.

Even if you think that being fat means you have “issues”.

Even if you think you should have this figured out by now…

Choosing how you feel is always an option.

With regard to your own life, for that very difficult situation or relationship or weight you think you’re in, consider the options.

Jesus did.

In those moments on the cross, a man showed us what is possible.

Being crucified is one thing.

Feeling crucified is another.



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