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Relationship with Mom | Freedom from Friction | CJ Blaquera

Do you feel criticized and judged by your mom?

Do you feel she just doesn’t “get you”?

Do you feel triggered in the blink of an eye?

Do you complain about her at length to your mate or friends (or both)?


Even though you’re a strong, intelligent woman, do you find yourself feeling defeated when you feel the slightest indication that she’s not happy with something you did?

I have Been There.

And Done That.

Good news. Things don’t have to go on like this, and she doesn’t have to change in order for you to have peace.


Yeah, CJ. You haven’t met my mom.

While that may be true, neither you nor I are going to be able to change her one bit, so step away from the brick wall and stop banging your head.

Let’s go where peace can be found.

Inside you.

Improving the Mother-Daughter Relationship

8-Step Friction to Freedom Formula (Webinar Class)

Click here to watch the class


Will you be doing more calls like this? 

Yes. I have way more to share on moms, and I’m also planning a class (or two) for June about fathers. If you’re on my notification list, you’ll get announcements. If you’ve reached my website for the first time, sign up here for future notifications.


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