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I have commuted vast distances on the freeways of Los Angeles, the second worst city for traffic in the United States (behind Honolulu).

During my recent years of commuting on LA freeways and while studying law of attraction, traffic became my temple as well as a worthy laboratory for testing LOA principles.

  • Yes, you can send love and light to the person who just cut you off.
  • Yes, you can appreciate the marvel of modern freeway engineering and paved roads even amidst 4 lanes of traffic at a complete standstill.
  • And yes, the cabin of your car that becomes a classroom during your commute can be a well-loved respite from a sea of red tail lights and the “daily grind”.

In the video below, I combine  my years of daily Los Angeles commuting with the commute that Jesus Christ made the day that he was crucified. I create an unlikely source of weight loss inspiration through the example of the power of deliberately directing your thoughts.

What you learn can help when you feel “stuck” (like being on the 405 Freeway at 6pm on any weekday) and you feel you “have to” eat dessert or risk offending the host of the dinner party you’re attending?

By the way, is there really such a thing as “have to”?

If a man can create compassion, understanding and forgiveness for people who have literally nailed him to a cross, methinks it just might be possible that we can decline the cherry cobbler the host is offering us.



Jesus Law of Attraction Weight Loss


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