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Do you think you’ve been making some “mistakes” along your weight loss journey?

Are you beating yourself up?

Perhaps even persecuting yourself?

Consider this alternative instead: Forgiveness for yourself.

By forgiveness, I don’t mean to suggest that we are doing something “wrong” by being overweight or eating brownies and milkshakes because I believe we have radical freedom in this life.

When referring to the enternal-ness of Life, Abraham of Abraham-Hicks states, “You can’t get it wrong, and you never get it done.”

Now that’s F-R-E-E-D-O-M, baby!

What I do mean to suggest is that there is no benefit to trash-talking ourselves as a result of any actions we’ve taken such as overeating, emotional eating or gaining weight. Mean is mean. Period. There’s no positive benefit.

We’re simply human.

A new path, a new trajectory and a new body all start with a new choice. And then another and another.

“Forgiving” yourself is an awesome new choice to begin with. Weight loss can absolutely be a spiritual path.

Watch the video below and take a tip from the mind of Jesus Christ (a masterful thought visionary if ever there was one) as he was taunted by onlookers while being crucified on the cross. Stick around until the end for my ode to Madonna. (This one’s quick. Just over 1 minute.)



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