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Stop Weight Loss Procrastination


When we postpone our happiness, we lose.

We lose out on experiencing happiness and joy right now, this very moment. Today.

So many of us women delay our sense of fulfillment and acceptance of ourselves until we lose weight.

If this sounds familiar, make sure and read this: My Weight is Not My Worth Manifesto.

To make things worse, procrastinating on our own happiness adds a layer of misery to our weight loss journey. And when we’re miserable, what do we want to do?


Finding your happiness now is one of the most important things you can do.

And it takes practice. 

Happiness is a verb.

Joy is an action.

Happiness and joy aren’t just going to happen to us.

If that’s how we want to feel, we have the responsibility for creating it.

Are you doing happiness now?

Are you being joyful now?

If not, do yourself a favor. Stop procrastinating on creating happiness.

 Delaying joy is never worth it. 


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