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Have you ever thought:

  • I should lose weight.
  • I should go on a diet.
  • I should have this figured out already.
  • I should have more control.
  • I should have been able to get my act together by now, damn it!


Been there. Thought that.

Bought the t-shirt.


When we think like this, we are “should-ing” all over ourselves.

When we “should” on ourselves we add a layer of shame and embarrassment that makes our weight loss journey soooo much more difficult.

Thinking we should have something figured out already doesn’t help us actually figure that “something” out.

Thinking we should have more control doesn’t actually help us bring anything under control. In fact, it usually leads to an out of control eating spree.

That’s because, when we are thinking about how we should be, we are also keenly aware of (and often embellish and fabricate) the many ways that we aren’t how we think we should be.

For example:

  • I should lose weight because I’m gross, fat and disgusting (and if I don’t it means I’m weak).
  • I should go on a diet because – did I mention – I’m gross, fat and disgusting!!!
  • I should have this figured out already because women my age, with my smarts who are STILL overweight and who haven’t figured it out already, are big losers who suck royally.

Have I convinced you that “should-ing” on yourself sucks royally?

I hope so.

Ditch the shame. Watch the video below for a simple alternative to how we “should” on ourselves.



Shame About Weight Gain


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