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Freq-y Friday: A weekly reminder to tune your frequency to Fun.

On Monday I actually bypassed the email inbox check and digital dive into my laptop, to strike out for an early morning walk.

Now I have a knack for coming across stray dogs, and I love doing a good deed by returning our furry friends to their homes and owners but,… when I encountered two loose dogs just a few blocks later,….

…this situation gave me pause.

One of the canines was a small (seemingly highly strung) white mutt while the other was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (aka a Pit Bull).

My initial thought was:

It’s a Pit Bull.
Don’t. Even!
It’s not worth getting hurt over.

But as I stood watching him cheerily sniff and pee on everything in sight, I decided to not judge this Pit by the sensational news coverage I had been exposed to.

CJ Blaquera | Weight Loss Coach for Women | Pit Bull
I made a different choice. 

My mind produced fear, but my instincts indicated it might not be called for.

There was a low cinder block wall nearby, and I decided to have a seat and see how the dog responded. 

Which was immediately.

This guy came right up, leaned his whole body up against my knees and invited me to scratch and rub his back side. 

He was full of sweet, cuddly friendliness and a little bit of drool.

Feeling at ease and connected to this stocky, huge-headed Pit, I reached for the silver, dog-bone-shaped tag hanging from his collar which read:

Chicken Butt
Service Dog 

…along with a telephone number that I used to reach his owner. 

Chicken Butt?

Turns out Chicken Butt is a service dog who works with autistic children.

Only dogs with a phenomenal temperament qualify to be certified as a service dog.

Consciously deciding to trust my instincts and having it turn out so delightfully well was quite memorable for me, and it turned out to be a highlight of my week.

Try this today:
Trust your instincts.
You, too, just might be drooled delighted.

And if your instincts have been telling you that it’s time to try something completely different with regard to weight loss, click here and let’s chat.

P.S. The weight loss process can have a bad reputation – just like Pit Bulls, but you could find it’s nothing like you expected. It might even be sweet and friendly with a little bit of drool.

Click here if you’d like to chat with me about the weight coaching process. 

P.P.S. That’s not Chicken Butt in the photo, but he looked a lot like this fella who is available for adoption


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