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I’ve been one serious little camper since childhood.

I considered Life to be pretty serious business.

Especially since for most of it I was trying to earn approval and validation and rack up achievements so I could prove my value.

And now…

I’m tired of being so serious.

I don’t think I came to Planet Earth, only to scowl my way through Life.

I’ve been missing the point.

How about you?

Abraham-Hicks says: 

Life is supposed to be fun. 

I think they’re right.

And I’m finally ready to take that very seriously.

It’s time to bring the fun.

With my new resolve, I headed out for a massage. 

In the waiting area, I ignored Real Simple Magazine which would have taught me how to organize my closets and efficiently clean my kitchen (yes, I used to be a subscriber) and, instead, opted for Bazaar. 

The cover sported Jennifer Aniston in a white tuxedo jumper number while on the inside I found all manner of glittery, shiny jewelry and car ads along with spread after spread of festive, sparkly goodness. 

My word.
Fashion is fun!
I had forgotten.

The pages were filled with frivolous, impractical, fantastically designed, outrageously creative and totally fun fashion flavor flav.

I was inspired.

When I went home to pack for a trip, I ditched my totally practical, navy blue Samsonite rolling suitcase and busted out a silver metallic duffle bag I had bought on impulse about a year ago.  

Hadn’t used it – ever.

Too impractical. 

Not rugged enough. 

Didn’t pull its weight – literally! 

Too flimsy. Too much flash. 

Not enough function to earn a place in my travel itinerary.  

Screw that.
Fashion is fun!

I am dubbing Fridays as Frequency Fridays, which will be dedicated to reminding us all to bring the fun, raise the frequency of our vibration, and not miss the very point of Life.

Freq-y Fridays.  

(pronounced Freaky Fridays)

How can you add in more fun today? What is the fastest path to fun you can think of? 
Now go for it!


CJ Blaquera | Weight Loss Coach for Women | Luggage Fun