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Recently I was invited to a hike with wolves.

The most profound (and unexpected) moment of the day was experiencing the complex harmonics of the wolves as they joined each other in a howling jag.

Though the wolf kennels were arranged in a semi-circle, I might even call their choir of voices a Howling Circle – because somehow it felt as if I was fully surrounded and the experience was complete – with nothing “semi” about it.

I had been wanting to find a volunteer experience to become a part of. So when there was an announcement about the Volunteer Program at Wolf Connection, I felt an open-ness, an alert-ness, a readiness.

The prospect of working with the wolves felt like a green light.

So I decided to say “yes” and move forward.

After exploring more, I decided to volunteer to work with these wolves: chopping meat for feedings, clearing feces or perhaps updating the organization’s website. One never knows where a green light will lead.

In preparation for the volunteer training process, I spent a full day on site.

The wolves howled in abundance. Most often, with no apparent cause or trigger.

I started to discern differences in the Howling Circles.

Most certainly there is a difference when the pack howls as a volunteer approaches the kennels with a leash. This means one or more of the wolves is going to go for a walk or to the Turn Out (think wolf dogpark) or to possibly interact with humans. During these times, the wolves howl with more volume and urgency, seemingly to say, “Pick me! Pick me! I’m over here.”

Other times, a lone voice begins the sonic interplay with a gentle “Ahhhhh-Ooooh-Uuuuuh-Ooooh” moving up and down the wolves’ secret musical scale – with other wolves answering the invitation and gently adding their voices to the choir.

And every time…regardless of the tenor of the Howling Circle…

It is nothing less than exquisite.

It feels as if it is communicating with my soul.

Tuning me to greater alignment.

Calling me Home.



What is your green light?


What is your yes?


What is calling you?


Your green light might be starting to take regular walks.

Your yes might be heading to the local Farmer’s Market for a delightful explosion of fresh in-season fruit and vegetables.

Or what might be calling you is working with a life coach who specializes in leveraging law of attraction for the purpose of creating more confidence, freedom, and the ability to align with your natural weight.

That was the case for my VIP client who recently flew in to Los Angeles from out of state and worked with me in person for two days. We explored not only her relationship with her body and eating choices but also her marriage, mothering, friendships, in-laws, and her relationship with herself.

At one point she jokingly said, “You might have just saved my marriage.”

She was exaggerating because her marriage was not on the brink at all, and she was also realizing that the insights she was having could have a significant impact on the quality of her marriage, particularly in areas that had been of contention for her.

At its deepest level, coaching can feel like being called Home.

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