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Wolf Connection Sign | Weight Loss Coach for Women  | CJ Blaquera

I was in a funk last week.

I used to think that was just how I was built: Moody. And prone to The Funk. 

Now I know…

I create my moods based on how I focus my mind, based on what I’m thinking.

 Saturday I had plans to visit
Wolf Connection (a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued wolves and wolfdogs as the centerpiece).

Feeling funky, I decided to skip publishing an installment of “Frequency Friday” last week because I couldn’t find the fun, and I didn’t want to fake it but…

I just knew I would be having fun the very next day on Saturday, and I remember thinking, “If only that wolf adventure could have happened before Freq-y Friday, then I would have had  something fun to talk about on the blog.”

Damn. Just one day too late to make the Friday “Fun” deadline.

Maya | Wolf Connection | Weight Loss Coach for Women | CJ Blaquera

Maya, an original pack member and the quintessential alpha female


These were my thoughts about visiting Wolf Connection:

“It’s going to be so interesting.”


“I bet it’s going to be fun.”


“It will be an adventure.”


“I”m sure I’ll learn something new.”


“I’m looking forward to this.”


How could I not have fun with those delicious thoughts dancing in my head?


It wasn’t until several days after my Wolf Connection visit that I realized I could have woken up any morning last week and thought all the thoughts above about my upcoming day. 

On Thursday, I could have decided to think:

“It’s going to be such an interesting Thursday.”

Thursday will be an adventure.”

“I’m sure I’ll learn something new today (Thursday).”

“I’m looking forward to Thursday.”

I didn’t have to wait until Wolf Day to think any of those thoughts. They are an option every day of the week if I simply use a different topic as my reason to create a sense of adventure, enthusiasm and interest.

Often we treat Goal Weight Day like Wolf Day. We wait until then to think all kinds of amazing thoughts – especially about ourselves – when it’s actually possible to think amazing thoughts at any weight – even at today’s weight!

We can even ask great questions any day of the week and at any weight such as:

“What could be fun today?”

…instead of waiting until Wolf Day or Goal Weight Day to let the fun begin.

Have you ever done that?

Put off having fun or feeling good until some distant point in the future.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can choose to create fun when we want – instead of waiting for wolf adventures or a certain number to appear on the scale to do so. 

Wolf Connection || Weight Loss Coach for Women

The wolf, Logan, had recently been bitten by a rattlesnake hidden near his food bowl. Amazingly, he survived – even after his head swelled and looked like a polar bear’s.

And now back to the wolf fun…

which I did have e
ven though I saw this receptacle (shown to the right) for wandering rattlers.


My favorite part of the day was this rather unexpected moment.

I’m not sure when exactly I thought wolves howled but (as it turns out) there is a moment when this pack howls with regularity.

It is during the time when the wolves who will be going on the hike are collected from their kennels.

I asked later why the wolves howl, and the simple answer is…

To communicate.

A fellow hiker shared that wolf expert, L. David Mech (pronounced “Meech”), has studied wolf howls and has identified 16 separate and distinct howls used for different purposes – including a version of the swimming game “Marco Polo,” where two wolves out in the wild and in different places will each howl to let the other one know where they are.

The howling helps them figure out how to meet in the middle. 

Wolf GPS, if you will.

This video captures the magical, mysterious and seemingly plaintive first wolf pack howling I heard as the wolves were being selected for the hike. 

Watch how Max howls, then paces and howls again at the 42” mark.

Every time I watch it and listen, I am transported to a place of wonder and intrigue.

Tune your frequency,


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