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CJ Blaquera, Weight Loss Life Coach for Women


One evening this past week I was absolutely not hungry.

But man, did I want CHOCOLATE. Bad.

I was about to head off to the kitchen for a couple squares of dark CHOCOLATE. (What could possibly be wrong with a couple squares of dark CHOCOLATE for Heaven’s sake. Antioxidants, anyone?)

I justified it to myself this way.

I had just worked for hours writing and posting a blog and then sending it out to my beautiful peeps. (Oy! So much proofreading, so many typos, so many re-writes, so much inter-webby technical tomfoolery necessary to upload and send the blog that my butt hurt from sitting for so long.)

Of course, I deserved CHOCOLATE.


I decided to do this instead…

I headed to my yoga mat (you see, I’ve recently started Yoga Coaching Teacher Training).

What might be going on with me that I wanted CHOCOLATE to make go away? (As if CHOCOLATE truly had such power.)

I discovered this nagging Train of Thought that took me to the Eeyore Station:

No one will read this anyway.

This is pointless.

There’s so much to do in my business.

This one blog post isn’t going to make a difference in the ocean of things I need to do.

I really should be re-writing my website (or doing any number of other things on a very long list in my head).


All told – it boiled down to this lovely gem:


I’ll never get it right.


CHOCOLATE, anyone!!!!!!!!!


(No friggin’ wonder I was headed for the kitchen).

I stayed on the mat for 90 minutes (who knew it could fly by so fast!), flowing in and out of being present in my body.

The congestion in the lower part of my body felt like an impenetrable granite boulder which is akin to how “trying to get it right” feels. It’s just too big. It’s too far out in the future. It has too many steps. There’s always more to do. For sure, I’ll get it wrong.

All I could sense was a Huge. Immovable. Obstacle. Until this moment of clarity:


I don’t need to get it right.


There is. No. Right.


And the craving for CHOCOLATE?


(Drop the mic).


P.S. I titled this post “CHOCOLATE (#1)” because I imagine the topic will make quite a few appearances on the blog. (Just sayin’).

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