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I have endeavored to do many things to improve myself (aka: fix myself).

I have tried to develop new habits, cut back, get healthy, exercise more, do less of this or more of that.

As you can imagine, over the years many New Year’s Resolutions have gone by the wayside:

  • new calendaring systems
  • “inbox zero”
  • drinking more water
  • eating less (or no) gluten
  • walking more
  • getting outdoors
  • eating more vegetables
  • taking vitamins
  • keeping a regular sleep schedule
  • eating dinner at the dinner table (rather than in front of the TV)
  • keeping “office hours” rather than making up my day as I go along
  • planning the week ahead
  • writing down everything I eat
  • ad infinitum…


None of those attempts were done in the spirit of devotion or daily spiritual practice.

For the past 40 days I have been conducting a Sadhana (pronounced saad-nah).

I read about this practice recently in Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life by Tommy Rosen.

Former alcohol, drug and money addict, Rosen writes:

Everyone is devoted to something. What do you spend the most time thinking about? What do you love and cherish? Drug addicts love and cherish their drugs. They are capable of intense devotion. Drug addicts will go to any length to get their drugs. Any length!

In recovery, the idea is to show that same level of devotion to something that is uplifting and nourishing to the spirit as you used to show in going after your drugs of choice.

By devoting a spiritual practice that you do every day, something absolutely magical happens in a short amount of time. You fall in love with it, life gets easier, and you no longer want to miss this great experience.

Let’s just say my personal drug of choice is food while my favorite thought addictions are negative thinking and self-doubt.

The idea of a Sadhana resonated for me.

I’ll share what I learned during my 40-day Sadhana experience in a day or so.

Until then, I documented my journey with black and white photography on Instagram (which was a total blast). Click to view the photos here.


P.S. If the idea of devoting yourself to the creation of a new habit interests you, I am beginning my next 40-Day Sadhana this Friday and would love share the path with you, email me for details. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

P.P.S. Below are a few images from my Instagram feed. Click the images for more.