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I’ve struggled.

With my own weight.

With finding the best way to eat for me.

With feeling powerless over food. With beating myself up because I’m not doing better even though I know better.

As a weight loss coach, I’ve got a ton of knowledge and tools, and still…I’m finding my own damn way on this weight loss journey.

Below are 9 Ways I’m Making Peace With Weight Loss.

It outlines the freak out I had (recently – I might add) at having reached my personal top weight and what I did that resulted in losing 24 pounds.


    • 1.  I deliberately created new internal momentum that changed my trajectory from weight gain to weight loss, from hope-less to hope-full.

      At the beginning of the year, I was tipping the scales at my highest weight ever – which was 207 pounds (give or take a few ounces – but who’s counting).

      However, my new momentum took me from desperation, panic and despair about my weight and out-of-control eating to currently feeling enthusiastic, clear and incredibly optimistic about my future true fitness.

      It wasn’t easy, and it took a while. But damn! I got there.

      While significantly higher than the goal weight for many women, I see weighing 183 pounds as a significant achievement. I appreciate what it took from me to now be at this weight.

      And…the more I appreciate (myself) the easier the journey gets.


    • 2.  I’m not grasping for a quick fix (which surely would have failed – sooner than later  anyway).

      Instead, I opted for the slow, authentic, deeper work that is much like the turning of a gargantuan cruise ship or freight liner in the middle of the ocean: slow and steady.

      It doesn’t happen in an instant, but every shift I make affects my destination.


    • 3.  I’m not gritting my teeth and enduring a horrible diet to lose weight. I’m focusing on what I really want.

      My transformation has taken effort and focus but has been free of the need for (hard to maintain, strong-armed) will power. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the shift would be effective, long lasting, and satisfying if it was based on creating what I wanted – which was freedom, ease, self-acceptance, reverence and true fitness on all levels – versus being based on what I didn’t want (feeling that I was a weak, unacceptable, fat failure who was below the “cultural standard” of beauty).


    • 4.  I’m revved up about brain health and am inspired to set the stage for my own optimum, long term brain health.

      It’s amazing what can turn you “on”. I now realize that brain health is definitely a value and a top priority for me. What the heck does this have to do with my weight?

      Well, it turns out that what’s good for the brain is good for the body (see #5).

      Weighing 183 pounds as opposed to 207 pounds means I’m headed in the direction I want to be going. Brain and body health here I come!


    • 5.  I’m not eating sugar, gluten or processed foods and physically feel the best I have in at least two years.

      My brain is no longer hijacked by sugar, flour and processed foods which feels like freedom. Contrast this with just a few months ago when I was mired in sugar dependency and panic:

      How can I call myself a Weight Loss Coach (a Master Weight Loss Coach, no less) when I can’t even control myself?

      Will I ever lose this frickin’ weight?

      Further…(professional mortification aside), I didn’t see any end in sight to my out-of-control eating nor my sense of hopelessness. No matter how many life coaching skills I had under my – ever increasing – belt, I wasn’t applying them. To top it off, I was beating myself up which was only making things worse.

      Choosing to eliminate the foods that degrade brain function along with feeding the reward centers of the brain goes a long way toward a physiological, mental and emotional feeling of freedom from food.


    • 6.  I am trusting the process.

      I am trusting that change happens incrementally. This allows me to be patient and weather the ups and downs on the scale (and in my mind) that come with any weight loss journey.


    • 7.  I am finally enthusiastic about becoming truly fit (not just looking good).

      It used to be that it was all about how I looked on the outside.

      True fitness wasn’t really a factor as long as it looked like I was fit (or in control). However, at long last, fitness on all levels has become important to me: mental, emotional, spiritual and, yes – most definitely, physical. (After all, physical fitness is a key contributor to quality of life).

      This is a far cry from the hopelessness and futility I was feeling as recently as the turn of the new year. In fact, that leads me to #8.


    • 8.  I am more clear than ever as to what my real fitness goals are.

      Now, I know this sounds ridiculous.

      Come on, CJ. Didn’t you know you wanted to lose weight? I mean isn’t that clear enough.

      Well…yes, it is clear but…what I really wanted was something else.

      I wanted to be free of the rollercoaster. Free of the misery. Free of the self-rejection. Free of the desperation. If you look closely, my former goals were really about what I wanted to avoid as opposed to what I want to create.

      That left me clearly focused on the problem. Not the solution.

      And that is a problem – especially when you want to create long term freedom.


    • 9.  My current path feels truly inspired.

      Halleluja, baby!

      Years ago the Universe emphatically proved to me that it always has its loving gaze focused on me. (I’m not special in this regard by any means. The Universe also has its gaze focused on you, too. Every one of you.)

      Each of us has the Universe’s most beautiful and expansive attention at our service. Sometimes I forget this but, oh, is life sweeter when I remember it and live from it.

      This is the Guidance that I have relied on and tapped into most recently on my weight loss journey.

Am I at my goal weight?


Have I achieved all my fitness goals?

Not yet.

Am I closer to achieving what I want based on this new momentum I’ve created?


By far.

And this is the most important work of all. The value of momentum cannot be over-stated.

The work that is most important in creating anything is the work that cannot be seen externally. 99% of the creation process is invisible to the naked eye but can be felt step-by-step.

On the inside.

Next week I’ll share how I’m doing after hitting the dreaded “plateau”.




P.S. If you’d like to learn more about shifting your own weight loss journey, schedule a Discovery Call.