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Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t stop eating?

If so, I have 3 weight loss tips for you today.

But first, you can probably relate to this reader who wrote:

i am over 78 kilos (about 170 lbs). i know how to lose weight but i just cannot stop eating… PLZ help me, i really need it!

PS sorry for my english i am greek and still learning!

This is the what caught my eye:

 I just cannot stop eating.

Which brings me to my first tip:


1. Don’t believe everything you think.

Your thoughts can lie (and often do). Your mind doesn’t always tell you the truth. 

When you notice your mind serving up this little gem, take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back.

You noticed your mind in action!

That’s awesome news because you’ve probably been unconscious of telling yourself you can’t stop eating for quite for some time now.

I’ll say it again: You noticed! (You are a rare bird, indeed.)

Now you have the opportunity to correct your mind because, yes, it is possible for you to stop eating. (See #3).


2. Just because your thoughts feel true, it doesn’t make them true.

In fact, most of your thoughts will. feel. true. And there’s a reason for that.

Your mind has been shaped by your patterned ways of thinking. Virtually automatically (and quite indiscriminately) your mind sets about “proving” your own thoughts “true”.

When you think to yourself, “I just cannot stop eating,” that is like typing that sentence into a Google search box and hitting “enter”. You’re going to get 94,900,000 search results in 0.47 seconds. (Yes, 94,900,000 search results in 0.47 seconds. I tested it. Don’t argue with me.)

Let’s say your mind is not quite as fast or extensive as Google. Let’s say it comes up with 100, 50 or even just 10 examples from your life when you thought you just couldn’t stop eating. Now your mind is filled with (and maybe fixated on) what passes for “proof” that you cannot stop eating. And “proof” begets more “proof” because our thoughts are very magnetic. 

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

You see, it’s not because either thought was inherently true at the outset, but because the mechanism of your magnetic mind helped you make the initial thought “true”.

Why not take advantage of that mental characteristic for your own benefit.

Here’s a thought for you, “I’ll bet I could totally stop eating.” Put that in your mind’s Google search engine and hit return. (The sooner the better.)


3. Ask yourself: What is actually true?

Ask this powerful question in order to separate fact from fiction. If you do, you’re liable to come up with some amazing new perspectives:

– Sometimes I’d rather eat than feel angry (or sad or lonely or bored, irritated, restless, inadequate…you get the picture).

– I have preferred over-eating rather than facing what I feel when I’m not over-eating.

– I am the one who decides what I eat.

– I am responsible for what I eat.

– What I eat is a decision I make.

– How much I eat is my choice.

– I don’t like feeling out of control around food.

– It is possible for me to make a new choice.


When you phrase it like this (I just cannot stop eating), you’re telling yourself:

– I’m powerless (to the food, to the over-eating, to something that “comes over me”).

– This is bigger than me, stronger than me, more powerful than me.

– I’m weak, and it’s strong.

– There’s nothing I can do.


This is false. (Remember #1).

Take back your power.

Take back the Truth.


I’m working on a class that will help you take your power back during the Holidays and help set you up for the New Year. We could have the chance to work together very soon. How exciting!

P.S. In a day or two I’ll be replying to a reader who felt desperate for help with losing weight. Stay tuned if you’ve ever felt that way, too.