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I’m going to borrow a phrase from Simon Cowell of America’s Got Talent to help me explain why it’s important that I not comfort myself with food:

If I’m being honest…

…there have been many days where eating a brownie was the highlight of my day.

Have you ever had days like this?

Maybe you work in a job you don’t love…

Maybe you’ve put a dream or two (or three or four) on the shelf or, worse, talked yourself into giving up on them altogether.

Maybe you’ve given in to the fear of rejection and spend your time devising excuses for why you’re hiding your gifts and talent.

Maybe you’re a little like me…because I’ve done all of that.

And too often, in light of that kind of dreary existence, food can become the highlight of my day. Unfortunately, that’s not a great use for food.

When I use food in this way, I put it on a pedestal, believing that it can “comfort” me, entertain me, provide joy, relieve my boredom or alleviate negative emotions like disappointment, inadequacy and shame.

I believe that it’s important to tell the truth about our experience with overeating and using food. I need to look beyond the misleading things I tell myself when I “comfort myself with food” like:

“Food is my friend.” (It’s not.)

“Food makes me happy.” (Really? Because that’s not actually possible.)

“I love food.” (Sure, but are you loving it when you’re eating it mindlessly and can’t even taste it anymore?)

So, again:

If I’m being honest, there have been many days where eating a brownie was the highlight of my day.

And the truth is:

I don’t want to live a life where that’s true. Therefore, it’s time for me to get my passion on.

It’s time to be authentic and purposeful and contribute in the way that I’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why I’m making My Tales From The Scale. It’s my personal video account of my weight loss process: impatience, dismay, pride, perseverance and everything in between. I’m filming for an entire year because, after all, weight loss is a marathon. Details will be ready soon.


In the meantime, watch the video excerpt above where I discuss the truth about the Starbucks’ pastry case being the highlight of my day. (Or Downton Abbey or Orange Is The New Black. “Comfort TV,” anyone? Comfort spending / Facebook-ing / over-working / approval-seeking – you name it. It can be used to distract me from the real work of creating a life I’m passionate about.)

What about you? Do you want food to be the highlight of your day? If not, what DO you want to be the highlight of your day?