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Have you ever considered eating well during the holidays? Novel idea, huh?

It’s the evening of July 3rd, and I’m staring at my Food Journal. It’s after dinner, and this is when I normally write out what I will eat the next day. Down to the ounce.

I am waging a battle in my mind about whether I will:

    • Allow myself to eat whatever I want. No limitations. (It’s a holiday for Pete’s sake.)
    • Allow myself just one (reasonable) “surprise” serving of dessert. (You just never know what delectable treat might show up. And it’s a holiday for Pete’s sake.)
    • Allow myself to be clear on my real goal and stick to my food plan. No deviations. (I’ve had enough holidays in my life and bypassing dessert on one of them will not degrade the quality of my life. In fact, it might improve it.)

    Watch now to find out how you can handle the dilemma of eating well during the holiday.

    eating well during the holiday

    Did I kick ass or kick my goals and values to the curb?

    Learn the results and what did or didn’t work in the excerpted video above from My Tales From The Scale (my new video weight loss journal) so you can apply what works to your own weight loss process.



    P.S. I’m loving creating My Tales From The Scale and can’t wait to share how you can gain access to the whole journey. The above video is an excerpt from this week’s My Tales From The Scale.