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A member of My Tales From The Scale shared her own tale from last Wednesday when she had to get on the scale at the doctor’s office.

Here’s what she said (which I cleaned up just for primetime):

“Friggin’ hell, 225 pounds.”

She’ll be receiving the Week 2 episodes on Monday. When she gets to Episode 10, here’s a bit of what she’s going to see.

I discuss climbing the emotional and vibrational ladder.

So often, the higher the number gets – the worse we feel.


And the reason for that has nothing to do with the actual number.


The number is harmless.

What makes it friggin’ hell is what we are telling ourselves about that number such as…

 “I’m out of control”

“I ought to be ashamed”

“That’s disgusting” (or worse: “I’m disgusting”)

“That’s horrible” (or worse “I’m horrible”)

“I can’t stand it.”

“That sucks” (or worse “I suck”)

Whatever you weigh…

No matter how high the number is…

There is hope.


There is a way.


It is possible.

You created your current weight.

You can create a new weight.

In the video below, I share the thoughts that have helped me turn the tide when I start to freak out about the number. You can watch it or read the transcript below.

To your vibe!


(law of attraction weight loss stories)

Transcript of an excerpt from Week 2, Episode 10 of My Tales From The Scale:

The whole point of this is for you with your weight loss [process] – wherever you are, if you’re stuck and wherever your vibration is, wherever your frequency is – to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. Notice where it is and consciously, deliberately, on purpose:

Slowly. Raise. Your. Frequency.

So, whatever that can be. If you start with:

  • “That’s just data.”

The weight that you’ve created right now – If you’re dissatisfied with it:

  • “This weight is simply an outcome of choices that you’ve made in the past.”
  • “Dollars to doughnuts, there is someone on this planet somewhere right now who is taking themselves from 400 pounds to 200 pounds and down to their ideal weight.”
  • “Someone on this Earth is losing weight and has figured it out.”
  • “There is a way for you to accomplish the outcome and the result.

What generally works for me, specifically, about weight when I’ve been getting into basically a “f#ck it” attitude. “Screw it. Whatever! I’m going to eat whatever I want” – “I’m-not-paying-attention” mode. I realize that I’ve seen that number go up and up and up and felt worse and worse and worse about the number, and I just say:

  • “That number is a result.”
  • “If I change the input, I’ll change the output.”
  • “That’s just data.”
  • “That number is a result of the choices that I’ve been making.”
  • “If I make new choices, I will create new outcomes and new results.”

That tends to simmer me down. Several times that idea of:

  • “I know there are people losing weight right now.”
  • “I know that it’s possible.”
  •  “That means it’s possible for me.”

And I just simmer down when I’m in that:

  • “I don’t care.”
  • “I don’t want to see.”
  • “I-don’t-want-to-think-about-this-whole-thing” attitude

And yet, I’m feeling worse and worse and worse as the number is going up, up, up.

Those are some of the ways that I walk myself up the ladder and start to feel better and start to create a better frequency and a better vibration, which makes it a lot easier to take the next steps and be inspired to my next steps.

This has happened with My Tales From The Scale. As I ratcheted and slowly got my frequency up, I started to be able to have access to those higher frequencies where divine inspiration, where Infinite Intelligence, where the Universe can get in with all of the great, inspired thinking and thoughts and perspectives that are available and that they have for me.

[Onscreen: Access to inspiration.]

When I’m down here at futility, I cannot access inspired thought or inspired thinking.

[Onscreen: Futility doesn’t lead to inspiration.]

You can’t get there from here. So, I need to go up first, and then I can access all these fun, amazing, new ideas up here which are awesome.

So, that’s what I’m hoping you can begin to do. Good luck!