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[Testimonials] What Clients are Saying

Working with CJ was a total life changer for me. I no longer feel like I am a slave to food, which is the first time that I can say that since I was a child.

CJ helped me break through some huge blocks (in her very sweet but no nonsense way) and I feel like a new person. Not only that, I’m starting to look like a whole new person too! 

Julie W.

Business Owner

“My weight dropped 10 pounds [in an 8 week program]! I feel like this is not a diet but a much better way to approach food and weight permanently. It is not a temporary solution.

I have a much better understanding of making good food choices and taking charge of what I choose to eat. I also am more in tune with my body and have learned a lot from CJ about handling cravings and the mental and emotional part of the process.”

Michelle Lytle

La Canada, CA

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Kate Simmons & CJ

Not only did I love the experience of working with you from start to finish, I can’t wait to do it again!!

I wanted to lose the last 5-10 pounds from my second baby. Now, I’m deep in an exploration about what nourishes my particular body, and I’m now down 13.5 pounds [in an 8 week program], a couple clothing sizes, a bunch of inches, body fat percentage and BMI points.

Many things improved — self-love, mindfulness, clarity of purpose (not just trying to ‘lose weight’ but learning to nourish my body and self).

Kate Simmons

Pilates Instructor, Wundabar Pilates

Thank you for your excellent coaching. I am so grateful to be a part of this class. I felt so empowered after the call last night.

Today was an awesome day. Had many temptations at work and was able to stick with my plan… I felt so strong and proud and best of all–it wasn’t difficult–just changed my perspective!

You have a gift for coaching–I feel like you listen and really “get” me. This process is truly life changing.



I have begun to eat the healthy things I love again and am already feeling better physically. I am reminded that I enjoy taking care of myself and sleeping better, losing my snoring and having more energy.

I am reminded that I am still beautiful with or without 30 extra pounds…and I was reminded of that by the grace of the universe last week. I had a real offer on a personal level to remind me that I am beautiful…LOL….it was fun to say, “No, thank you”. What I got out of that experience was that I was feeling beautiful so I was beautiful.

I am on path in so many ways. I have amazing friends, and family, a beautiful partner and I’m following my dream of national recognition as an artist. I’m focused and aware and happy to be me…I’m ready to finish the job of taking off the rest of my extra weight not because I am fat, but because I deserve to be even healthier… I appreciate your kindness and wisdom. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Jeanne Bessette

Visual Artist, North Carolina

CJ helped me to understand the steps do not have to be big, they can be small but sure. I am trying to live with just a tiny bit less criticism of myself. I am trying to live with using food just a tiny bit less for comfort. I am trying to appreciate a tiny bit that I am not broken.

Sometimes, the journey truly does begin with a single step. I thank CJ for that gift.

Muara Johnston

Museum Professional, San Luis Obispo, CA

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